What You Need to Know About 2014 FIFA World Cup

This year’s FIFA World Cup promises to be one of the biggest and most talked about ever. The eyes of the whole world will be on Brazil come June and all social media channels are set to be taken over with football or “soccer” talk for the month long event. The World Cup only comes around every four years and in an age where football is dominated by money and sponsorship deals – it is seen by some as the last real representation of the sport being played as it should be – with passion and pride for the jersey being represented.

The last decade saw the World Cup gain a larger and larger audience as more and more countries where the sports would have previously gathered little interest tuned in . This is actually despite the fact the World Cups that took place in Germany in 2006 and South Africa in 2010 were not considered “classics” by any means.

The 2006 World Cup in Germany is probably most remembered for Zinedine Zidanes famous headbutt on certain Italian defender in the final. The legendary French playmaker who was undoubtedly one of the greatest players to ever grace the sport guided his country all the way to the final despite pre-tournament expectations being pretty low. The world watched as Zidane rolled back the years to produce outstanding performance after performance. After a lacklustre group section – he helped guide France past Spain,Brazil and Portugal to reach the final in Berlin.
There, France played Italy who themselves were dogged by pretournament scandals about match fixing in corruption in their national league. 715.1 million tuned in to see the Italian national side eventually win a tight contest on penalties.

The 2010 World Cup in South Africa introduced the sound of the countries now infamous “vuvuzelas” to the world’s ear. The instruments posed a problem to television broadcasters as the sound continuously blared throughout each match of the World Cup. Whether you’re a fan of the instrument or not it is nonetheless a great example of one country’s traditions being shared and displayed throughout the world – which is the power of sport. That World Cup saw a narrow victory for a strong Spanish side against a dogged Netherlands outfit in the final with Andrea Iniesta eventually clinching the winner and thus his nation’s first ever World Cup in injury time. By that stage viewership figures had grown to over 900 million in the four years between the final in Berlin.

Last time we saw Spain join the exlclusive club of World Cup winners which also includes Italy with 4, Germany with 3, Uruguay with 2, Argentinia with 2 while France and England both have won the famous trophy once.

The other nation to win the World Cup is of course Brazil who have won the trophy more times than any other country and have lifted the cup on five separate occasions ! They will of course be hoping to lift it for the sixth time in their own country on the 13th of July this year.
This year’s World Cup will also see the introduction of 21st century technology provides first time. Referees will now finally be able to use goal line technology which should rule out events like Frank Lampard’s phantom goal against Germany in 2010 which was incorrectly ruled to have not crossed the line. There has been much debate as to whether this is a positive move or if it goes against the traditions of the sport so it would be extremely interesting to see how the technology influences the showpiece event.

Fifa and Adidas have also jumped on the whole user generated content movement currently going on worldwide and fans across the globe were involved in the naming of the official football that is being used in the tournament – coined the “Brazuca”.

One hot topic of this years tournament is the current economic political and social situation currently taking place in Brazil as people protest against expenditure involved with hosting the event. Many argue that the money could have relevant spells elsewhere and invest in education and public facilities.By the time the world tunes in, Brazil will have invested over $3.5 billion on stadium construction and renovation alone which is triple what South Africa invested into hosting theirs back in 2010.

If you’re planning on travelling to Brazil for a World Cup you can also expect to be investing quite heavily. $282 is the average cost of a simple overnight hotel stay in Sao Paulo for the opening day and by the time of the final it will cost an average of $371 to spend the night in Rio. Due to the vast size of Brazil -travelling the country itself is also quite a costly procedure with flight tickets between Sao Paulo and Rio fetching over $500. This is despite these two cities being among the closest with only around an hour’s flight time seperating them.

Many people from all over the world travel to World Cup hosting nations just to experience the incredible atmosphere. If you’re planning an actually going to a match be expected to fork out a little more with an average ticket costing a hefty $1,345 .

Despite some of the high cost’s involved it cannot be understated just how big an occasion this event will be. A World Cup alone is a huge event but one taking place in soccer-mad Brazil is sure to be one of the most memorable ever. It’s important that if you are planning on travelling out to the country that you plan ahead accordingly to make sure your money and time is not wasted. Be smart – travel with friends to reduce costs by using hostels and compare prices online to get an average. By travelling with KNCTR you can further cut costs with free calls to your friends and family back home in USA or Canada. Simply load the program up on your laptop and your can call back home completley free of charge!

The World Cup is only just around the corner and the world is waiting in anticipation as Brazil make the final preparations for one of the biggest show-piece events of the decade! It all kicks off on the 12th of June as Brazil take on Croatia in the famous Arena de Sao Paulo!




Five EcoFriendly Extermination Methods

house Insects, rodents, along with other little critters become pests as soon because they crash your party and begin raiding your garden and cabinets without your permission. Your first instinct might really be to jump on a seat and spray them from afar with a powerful compound, however, you knowthat most pest killers are not ecofriendly or safe for the family. Before you catch a can of noxious spray, have a deep breath and consider using at  least one of those five Eco-friendly extermination methods.

 Quit Enticing Pests

You might not need expressly given critters permission to invade your space, but it’s possible that you accidentally invited them for your house by establishing an alluring environment in their opinion. Start with keeping critter habitats including wood piles further away out of your house. Also, tighten loose shingles and insect screens, weatherstrip pipes along with other entryways, and use caulk to seal gaps such as cracks and holes another thing to do is to maintain your house clean. Fewer pests will need to enter when they usually do not have quick use of loose grains, kitchen counter food deposit, pet food, and filled garbage cans.

Swat and Snare

Tried-and-true means to eliminate the occasional pest issue are fly swatters and vacuum cleaners Traps such as for example flypaper, lure, and light zappers may also be powerful. One way to snare cockroaches would be to set a slice of banana in a jar and set some petroleum jelly around the lip to ensure that the cockroaches will not be capable of avoid. To dispose of fresh fruit flies, put apple cider vinegar in a cup and seal the cup with plastic wrap that has a hole within the centre. The fresh fruit flies will have the ability to be in but will fight to getaway. Bait traps function particularly well whenever you place them in an area where in fact the pests will probably congregate. If you’re focused on eliminating pests humanely, purchase fast-kill or nokill traps. Fast-kill traps, such as for instance mousetraps with accelerated-snap mechanisms, were created to avoid pests from enduring. Nokill traps, such as for example lure cages which have a proven way swinging doors, will enable you to capture and release bigger pests including mice.

 Enlist assistance from Predators

Invite the natural predators of one’s pests and the population of pests around your residence may fall considerably. For instance, many wild bird species – which happen to become the natural predators of insects- are more likely to pay for you visits should you’ve readily accessible birdbaths and bird feeders Should you need hummingbirds around, plant some bright blooms Also ensure that some of your “pest” insects are not really advantageous. For instance, ladybugs eat aphids and mites, ground beetle larvae eat slugs, and green lacewings eat an extensive number of pest insects. In the event that you need to actively enlist these helpful predators.

Take to Natural and PlantBased Repellants

In case your pests are insects such asfleas, ants, roaches, or mosquitoes, cedarwood oil is really a powerful nontoxic repellent that’s pleasant smelling and gentle enough to become employed to individual or pet skin. Dilute cedar oil with water and set it in a spray bottle to employ it to areas your pests regular seen. Citronella oil, generally seen in bug repellent candles, is useful for repelling mosquitoes, flies, and ticks additionally, it may be put on skin safely.

Other nontoxic repellents contain eucalyptus oil, castile soap, and boric acid. Whenever these agents merely are not doing the Secret in eliminating insects, you might need to test a lowtoxin insecticide that features organic compounds named pyrethins. Even though the insecticide pyrethrum isn’t completely nontoxic, it’s less problematic than some insecticides since it decomposes rapidly in the environment. The United States Of America Department of Agriculture deems it the safest insecticide to have around food products and services.

Hire a Green Extermination Company

Once the hurdle of the pest infestation appears too huge to conquer all on your own, recruit an expert extermination business that’s focused on implementing environmentally friendly methods to locate an acclaimed organization. The business must put precedence on using preventative extermination strategies It should also be focused on using asfew pesticides as you possibly can and only use products and services which Green Shield considers least hazardous. For example, a Green Shieid Accredited Business cannot use goods with potential carcinogens or goods which have “Risk” or “Warning” labels.




Be a Part of Student Clubs and Organizations and Have Fun

img-student-5Many college students do not know what they are missing by not taking part in the student clubs and organizations that are offered at most colleges and universities. Taking part in one can be a rich and rewarding experience. So do not just walk past those tables during clubs week! Check them out and see what’s available.
You should take part in student clubs and organizations if…


1) You want to meet new people

It can be hard to meet new people in college, especially in your first year. Class sizes can be big and intimidating, and it is not as if talking is really encouraged during lecture. This is why it is a good idea to join a club, particularly if you do happen to be shy and have a hard time talking to others in the class. You will find yourself in a smaller group of people who likely share your interest, making it much easier to talk and get to know one another.

2) You are passionate about your major

There are many student clubs and organizations for different majors and departments. Such clubs can be a lot of fun as well as a great academic resource for you. If you are taking your major because you actually have a passion for it then you will get to meet others who feel the same way. By joining an academic club you will probably have an easier time getting to know professors in your department and you might even get access to study help and other academic advice.

3) You have a particular cause, interest, or hobby

As with finding people who are as passionate about your major as you are, you can also find a club or organization which matches your interests, hobbies, or supports a cause you care about. If your particular interest is not represented then you can even look into starting a club! There are religious clubs, academic clubs, activist clubs, and all sorts of other organizations that you can choose from.

4) You want to learn important leadership skills

Student clubs and organizations can be a good way to learn important leadership skills that would look great on the job or grad school applications. Holding an executive position in a club will be reflected in your official student records. You will be able to gain other important skills such as event planning, finance management, and coordinating other club members. Find a club that you love being a part of and if you work hard you might be able to gain such a position.

5) You just want to have fun!

Lastly, student clubs and organizations can simply be a lot of fun. You will get to meet new people who have the same interests as you at various fun events and activities. This is an invaluable experience, particularly because the college experience can be pretty anonymous if you do not go out of your way to get involved. Make sure to take advantage of student clubs and organizations to make the most out of your time in college!

A Few Words About Smart Home Technologies

2843306399_166fcdf1edNowadays, home automation is the technology that is transforming homes to super high-technology smart homes at a single touch. Technology is changing the overall aspect of modern day homes very rapidly. For instance, you can get latest appliances that are automated and furnish your home to super tech-smart home Technology can enable you to have the best security, lights, appliances and air conditioning just but to name a few. With minimum invention, your house can be fully automated, and you will use less effort to do most of the things. Home technologies like home automation can change your home completely and make it a little heaven for you. Imagine a home that begins a day by automatically pulling the curtains up, automatic temperature sensors regulating the room temperature is just a clear indication that you are living a luxurious life.

With technology your home can be automated. For example, an automated home will not require anyone to perform tasks like switching lights or electrical appliances on and off when they are not necessary. Smart home technologies reduce the energy bills that you could have wasted in controlling the electrical appliances Thanks to the internet, all this is easily done through phones and PC’s. Smart phones, tablets or laptops can help you to automatically control your home appliances. It is a technology of luxury, but that does not mean it is only for the rich you can also make your home a smart home. This is possible because several advances on home technology are making it affordable to everyone who needs it. So you should not worry about the budget since you can install the smart home technology if only you plan well on your income The modern day homes are embracing the wireless technology that connects their appliances with their smart phones making it easier to control their home. The smart phone can be able to work efficiently and control several appliances by the help of nodes and sensors that relay information to the smart phone or computer via a WiFi. It is important to note that the aesthetic of your home can not be hampered by WiFi that sends information from your phone to the directed appliance.

Smart home technology does not need you to be an expert or a technology wizard in order to understand its intelligence and operation manuals because it is simple. It is a user friendly tool since its web interface and one touch operation makes its very simple and easy to use by everyone. The smart kits can be used by kids to the elderly people. Unlike some appliances, they do not need to be programmed. They come with an advanced technology that already has the program itself and easily identifies your regular living patterns With this kind of latest home technology, you are entitled with very many options, which sometimes become so hard to decide what to choose. It is important to also keep a regular pattern that will help you to know what you want at a given time. For example, when your mail alert alarms are to go on, when you are to wake up, what time your bed should be wormed and when the lights have to go off. A complete regular pattern of your routine chores makes you keep time and be discipline thanks to the smart home technologies.

A basement room entertainment that embraces technology can make the house lively. You can decide to pimp your basement with entertainment systems like plasma or a 3-D television or make it a game room. The basement is a perfect place to have entertainment, but very few people realize this. You can watch a movie or a game with friends at the basement. A basement entertainment room could also have a pool table or fully stocked bar You can install a music system with powerful speakers, in case of parties,the basement is the best place because it minimizes the noises that come from the jovial people. If you love home entertainment, then the basement should be the focal point of your home.

To conclude, it is true to say the impossible is possible. What looks impossible to you is very possible to someone else. Try out the smart home technology and you will enjoy life like never before.

Pros and Cons of Home Offices


The rules on the way we work and conduct business are changing. Today, some companies encourage their employees to spend some time working at home in order to save money. New businesses are no longer eager to have an office of their own, but instead prefer home offices located in Hong Kong or depending on their business interest for locations. Entrepreneurs, consultants, and even field workers are making their homes as one of their alternative addresses. Like most business strategies, there are always two sides of the equation. For the benefit of those who want to know the advantages and downsides of working at home, here are some ideas to think about.

The Pros of Home Offices

There are quite a number of advantages, which are not only beneficial to companies, but to employees as well; think of being in close contact with family members. However, that is just a bonus, the real advantages are:

  1. No commuting. Employees do not have to wake up early to avoid traffic. They will be able to save money on traveling.
  2. Work on your own schedule. Since you have lots of time, one can be productive and work in his or her own pace when it comes to administrative work, online client calls, and online brand and company promotions.
  3. No added office cost. You only need an Internet connection. You don’t need to lease and buy several furniture and equipment. You can do all the printing, copying, and scanning once you report to your office Monday or before the end of the week.
  4. Free meals. You do not have to worry where and when to eat. Since you are at home, you can easily grab healthy and inexpensive food. You can even save more money.
  5. The Cons of Home Offices

The downsides with working in home offices are personal in nature.  Here are some disadvantages.

  1. Lack of control. While it espouses freedom from rigid work schedules, there is always that tendency work will go haywire, as there is less supervision involved from a superior.
  2. Personal distractions. It cannot be denied that family comes first with some people; so kids may provide distractions as they need attention, there is also uninvited guests bringing gossips that will make one glued to them instead with work.
  3. Lack of personal interaction. Meeting clients face to face is better instead of chatting or exchanging emails. When you meet them personally, you will pay more attention, which can help you negotiate positively.

There is actually nothing wrong with home offices in Hong Kong or elsewhere for that matter, so long people can really manage and divide their time for personal and professional aspects. It is also encouraged to use alternative offices nearest to you such as business centres, day offices, and shared workspaces from time to time to help you manage office work. Most people believe that in order to perform their daily tasks well, they would need to feel comfortable in their working environment. Some people prefer working in the comfort of their own home, whilst others enjoy working in an office as they want to seperate work and their own personal life at home.

Reynold Gustavson is a self-employed online entrepreneur currently working from four different cities around the world. He is a regular contributor to various sites and blogs specializing in startup businesses, business traveling and working environment solutions for self-employed business owners.


Travel Tips From KNCTR – Infograph

In 2012, the number of international travelers surpassed the 1 billion mark for the first time in history. With summer upon us, perhaps it’s time for another vacation? As prices increase, being aware of any additional costs will help you save money in the long run. Take a look at the following infographic for some facts and money-saving tips as you plan your next journey abroad. (source: http://knctr.com/blog/travel/knctr-travel-tips/) Continue reading “Travel Tips From KNCTR – Infograph”

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Laptop for Your Child Who’s Going Off to University


If your son or daughter is all grown up and ready to go off to study at the university of his or her choice, one of the investments that you should make for him or her is into a laptop that can be utilised on campus as well as at home. Computer use is absolutely necessary for university students, who need to be able to accept and send emails, perform research on the internet, and create presentations and reports.

Laptops are a portable form of a desktop computer that would be too bulky to bring to a dorm, and most students prefer the portability of a laptop that they can take with them to a café or library to get some extra work done between classes. Some universities even allow students to bring the laptops into the classrooms as well. With so many great reasons to buy your university student a laptop, below are some things that you should consider while shopping for the best one. Continue reading “Things to Consider When Purchasing a Laptop for Your Child Who’s Going Off to University”

Emotion Recognition Technology – The Future of Media Analysis


This may sound a little bit like science fiction, but the technology is already here. The reason it is not used in any serious way is because detecting emotion is only half of the puzzle. Getting a computer to recognize the emotions it has detected is something that is a very big problem. It may simply be something that we cannot achieve with current computer technology. Continue reading “Emotion Recognition Technology – The Future of Media Analysis”

SEO vs PPC: What to Choose?


SEO vs PPC: What to Choose?

Ideally you would want both. Why not have your cake and eat it at the same time? The truth is that both are going to cost you money.  You are going to have to spend money on PPC if you want people to run your ads, and SEO is going to cost you a lot of time. Unless you are able to work and do not need to pull an income, then SEO is free. Otherwise, your time costs money and you need to make sure you do not squander that time. Even people who are very good at SEO can waste a lot of time in trying to get their websites ranked higher. Here is an explanation of each concept, and maybe after reading, you will know which one you wish to use to market your website, blog, products or services. Continue reading “SEO vs PPC: What to Choose?”